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Herman Mashaba: Please, Let’s Ensure that We don’t Take Politics or Economics for Granted (Podcast)

Capitalist CrusaderHerman Mashaba, entrepreneur businessman and author of Capitalist Crusader: Fighting Poverty Through Economic Growth, was recently interviewed by Tim Modise for BizNews.

In the interview, Modise asked for comment on the current state of South Africa’s economy. Mashaba says that the rate of unemployment and stagnating growth is “very concerning and very worrying”. He concedes that some of the economic problems are caused by factors outside of South Africa’s control, but insists that race-based legislation is at the root of many of South Africa’s economic woes.

Mashaba believes that race-based legislation is a mistake, and the best way to ensure the upliftment of previously disadvantaged black people in this country is to focus on “collecting more money and taxes, and using such taxes in a correct manner”.

Mashaba goes on to speak about his attempts, with the Free Market Foundation, to amend bargaining council legislation. He also speaks about why he wrote Capitalist Crusader and what he hopes to achieve with it.

Read the interview:

Let me talk about another event that’s taking place as we speak. It’s a labour of love I would like to believe, on your part. You’ve published a book now. It’s called, ‘The Capitalist Crusader’. What are you trying to tell us here? It’s still new. I’m still going to read it, but from the synopsis of the book, what is the message that you are taking to South Africans and the world?

The motivation behind writing this book … In 1994 under the leadership of Mandela, a great opportunity, and a great future was promised to South Africa and embraced by all of us (including the world). However, 21 years down the line, South Africans are still under the impression that this country’s under Mandela’s leadership and I’m just saying to the 50-million South Africans ‘please, let’s take the responsibility personally – each one of us – in ensuring that we don’t take politics for granted’. If you look at successful nations all over the world; for the last 200 years, the only successful nations’ democratic situation are those where citizens take an active role, making sure that political leadership is aware that they’ve been mandated by the vote to go out and serve them. Politicians are not the ultimate. When you’re given that opportunity and that mandate by the voters, it’s to go out there and serve them and for politicians to know that if they don’t deliver, they’re out when the next election comes.

Listen to the podcast:


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