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“Dylann Roof isn’t a Terrorist. He isn’t a Racist” – Eusebius McKaiser Argues the Case for a Murderer of 9 People

Could I Vote DA?Eusebius McKaiser, author of Could I Vote DA?: A Voter’s Dilemma, wrote an article called “Let Dylann Roof off the hook” for The Star in which he comments on the tragic shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston last Wednesday.

Roof has been arrested for the murder of nine people who were worshipping at the church. His attack was racially motivated, and he reportedly hoped it would be the start of “civil war”.

In the article, McKaiser lays out reasons why the 21-year-old Roof cannot and should not be held fully accountable for his hate crime. McKaiser’s measured satire is chilling and uncanny because it is an uncomfortable echo of popular and popularly accepted rhetoric.

Read the article:

Dylann Roof isn’t a terrorist. He isn’t a racist. He isn’t a monster. He isn’t a murderer. And he certainly isn’t singularly responsible for having allegedly killed nine people.

Roof is the product of a world that created him. He doesn’t have complete agency. We created the racist society into which poor Roof was born. It is our collective racism and hatred that are the building blocks of the Roof tragedy.

Roof is a victim of society. It’s society that’s the real criminal responsible for the death of the nine people whose names escape me. When will society man up and take responsibility for ruining the lives of young people like Roof? Enough is enough.

Roof didn’t have a chance to be an innocent young adult and now he might get a criminal record because of a sick society that infected him with its racial sickness.

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