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First Year Students: Jonathan Jansen Has 10 Solid Tips for Making the Most of University

We Need to ActHow to Fix South Africa's SchoolsJonathan Jansen, University of the Free State vice chancellor and author of We Need to Act and Molly Blank’s co-author for How to Fix South Africa’s Schools: Lessons from Schools that Work, has shared 10 solid tips aimed at the tens of thousands of students embarking on their university careers this month.

In a letter on Rand Daily Mail, Jansen shares nuggets of wisdom on various aspects, including humility, time, long-term thinking, social media management, being open, making mistakes and the importance of remembering that your life serves as an inspiration to others.

Even if you are not starting university this year, read and share Jansen’s invaluable advice which could be applied to other walks of life:

One, you are no longer smart. Yes, you were top of your class and teachers told you that you were the best. It is no longer true. You are now simply one among the smartest young people from across the country, and outside of it, so take a cold shower: you have competition. The good news is you can beat the best among them, but it all depends on your approach. Study much harder and longer than anyone else, and start immediately.

Two, your biggest enemy is time. Since nobody requires you to go to class and there is no nagging parent asking whether your homework is done, you are likely to fall into the same trap as the majority of students and put things off.

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